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How to Service Your Spark Plug

How to Service Your Spark Plug


Spark Plugs are very important and need to be serviced and maintained properly for small engine applications. Luckily they are easy to maintain and we will explore the simple steps in order for you to accomplish servicing your spark plug.

Step 1:

Start by removing your spark plug lead from the top of the spark plug on your engine.

Step 2:

Brush off any debris around the top of the spark plug. This is a precaution to not allow small debris to fall into your combustion chamber and cause damage.

Step 3:

Use a Spark Plug wrench to remove your spark plug from your engine once the top are of the spark plug is clean.

Step 4:

Inspect the Spark Plug for any discoloration, we recommend replacing your spark plug every year for each piece of equipment you use. If the Spark Plug Gap is dark you can either purchase a new one to replace it.

Step 5:

By Using a Wire Brush and a Spark Plug Cleaner remove light debris and deposits from the tip of the spark plug where the gap is.

Step 6:

By Using a Gaping tool check the gap on the spark plug and refer to your equipment owners manual for the correct gaping specifications, but the common gap is .030"

Step 7:

Install your new spark plug or put your old spark plug back in. (Be careful not to overtighten your spark plug when putting it back in)