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ROT-12493 ROT-2284 ROT-2283

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 35056.

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 35771/33697A. Painted, bolt-on type. Female .895" "D" hole pipe. Fits H40, H50, H60, H70, HS50, LAV50, TVS120, TVS75, TVS90, TVS105, TVXL105 series.

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 33280A & 34185B. Painted, Bbolt-on type, female. Fits HM70, HM80, HM 100, VM70, VM80, VM100, H80, HHM80, V80 series. For snow throwers.
ROT-1274 ROT-2282 ROT-1279

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 27181C, 27181B, 30082-A and 30996. Plated, bolt-on type. Comes complete with bolts and gasket. Fits (2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hp). Fits ECH90, ECV100, H22, H25, H30, H35, LAV22, H25, H30, LAV25, LAV30, LV35, LAV35, LAV40, LAV50, TVS75, TVS90, TVS105, TVS120.

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 32401. Painted, bolt-on type. Fits HH40, H50, HH50, H60, H70, HH70, series. Also fits Troy Bilt (6 hp). For snow throwers.

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 29633 and Kohler 220521. Painted. Fits Kohler K-91 engines (4 hp).
ROT-1280 ROT-8282 ROT-1282

Muffler replaces Toro Kit 5-4769. Painted, bolt-on type. Comes complete with bolts, lock and gasket. For self-propelled mowers.

Muffler replaces Tecumseh 35603A. Fits model TVS-120, Premier & XL.

Muffler replaces Toro Kit 2-9319. Painted, bolt-on type. Comes complete with bolts, gasket and lock. Heavy-gauge steel. 1-11/16" height. For push mowers.