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String Trimmer Line

While different trimmer lines may look alike, it is what you cannot see that can make the difference between trimmer lines that provide the hassle free performance you want and those that provide problems. While all trimmer line is made from nylon, there are a myriad of different nylon resins used to manufacture trimmer line. At the low end of the performance spectrum are trimmer lines made from monopolymer nylons such as nylon-6. These resins are made by the largest of chemical companies in huge quantities for a myriad of differing manufacturing purposes and as a common commodity, offer the lowest costs and the lowest performance. They wear quickly, tend to break off with regularity and generally offer frustration, especially when trimming heavier vegetation or when used against solid objects such as rocks, chain link fence or block walls. Another type of nylon used that does provide a better level of performance is made from what we refer to as a "mid-range" nylon. These copolymer resins are also made for a myriad of different uses and as such are also of a commodity nature. Then there are the highly specialized nylons that are used in our lines. Trailblazer, Diamond Edge and Vortex are all made from a proprietary nylon formula that has been molecularly designed to do one thing and one thing only - make the finest trimmer line possible. These 3 trimmer lines are all made in the USA by the premier manufacturer of commercial grade trimmer line and are designed for the demands of the professional user.

Trail Blazer Trimmer Line

TrailBlazer is a traditional full mass round trimmer line that offers carefree professional results every time. It is designed to work well in hot an extremely broad spectrum of environments- hot or cold, damp or dry.

Diamond Edge Trimmer Line

Diamond Edge is a square shaped trimmer line designed for use when the job at hand calls for a more aggressive level of cutting. It is actually designed with a slightly larger mass (about 10%) than round line and is often used when the job at hand is extra tough.

Vortex Trimmer Line

Desert Vortex trimmer line sets the standard for quality commercial grade trimmer line. This patented line features a unique spiral design that provides a number of performance advantages. The low drag aerodynamics offers a line that dramatically decreases drags, contributing to higher engine rpm and therefore greater impact power. Other benefits of Vortex include dramatically decreased noise levels, decreased vibration, no line flutter, elimination of line split or fray and tempered cutting edges. Yes - Vortex actually does cut better. The proprietary nylons used in its production also mean that Vortex is the longest lasting trimmer line made.

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